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QTVC Live! is a DIY shopping channel that showcases underrepresented artists/makers/hustlers/creatives and the products WE make for sale on a live media platform.

QTVC Live! is currently in its second season of programming and is in collaboration with moCa Cleveland to bring you SIX brand new episodes. 

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Episodes range from ten minutes to thirty minutes in length and some episodes contain mature content.

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Episode 4 Season 2:
Antwoine Washington

Cleveland-based artist and co-founder of the Museum of Creative Human Art debuts a wearable mural in the form of a limited edition t-shirt. Watch the episode HERE.

Episode 5 Season 2:
S. Jordan Fine

Cleveland-based artist, glassblower, and founder of Pattern Play Glass showcases one-of-a-kind "Handle It" vessels on QTVC Live! Watch the episode HERE.

Episode 6 Season 2:

Erykah Townsend

Cleveland-based artist and proprietor of Milk Crate Studios debuts a limited edition of POP-sicles only available via the QTVC Live! x moCa Cleveland episode airing on June 18th!


QTVC Live! Your Freaky Home Shopping Channel


Q: How do I order items from Season 1?

Items from Season 1 are no longer available for purchase through QTVC Live! Visit the webpage for the episode you are interested in making a purchase from. On that page there are links to each vendor's website. 

Please note: all items are small batch and some previously featured items are no longer available. Stay up-to-date with each vendor by following their social media and reaching out.

What is your shipping policy?

Once your order is placed, product is shipped via USPS within five business of purchase. Email confirmation and tracking information is sent shortly thereafter.

Refunds are only applied to damaged items, and damages must be reported within one week of being received in the mail. Claims will be made once proof of damage is documented by photo.

Does it cost money to be featured on QTVC Live!?

For vendors, no. Each season of programming is funded differently and QTVC Live! may take a percentage of the final amount of sales from each episode. 

However, if we can get more episodes and seasons sponsored, vendors can be paid to be featured on the show AND make sales. Institutional collaborations are welcome!

How do I order items from Season 2?

Please click the SHOP tab at the top, right-hand corner of the QTVC Live! website. Items are available until they are sold out!

What does the acronym QTVC mean?

Cutie (QT) Vendors Channel

Are you hiring?

Not yet. However, we are looking for an accountant. As QTVC Live! grows we will surely need to build our team.

Interested in being a QTVC Live! featured vendor? Fill out the application form below. Your information will be kept in a secure database for QTVC Live! use only. We will consult the database for future programming, all US regions may apply. 

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The QTVC Live! Mission

Frustrated with arts institutions for continuously skirting topics of career sustainability for underprivileged and marginalized creatives, QTVC Live! began as a way to openly discuss business and budding entrepreneurship within the context of art. 

QTVC Live! believes that visibility of the creative "hustle" serves as a much needed form of class and cultural representation in the arts. Femmes of color are prioritized on the show as, historically, this is the most underrepresented demographic in the art market to date. By sharing our stories and creative processes, QTVC Live! advocates for the value of creative labor as an irreplaceable asset.  

QTVC Live! Founder Julia Arredondo. Photo b TJ Walker.

QTVC Live! began as the graduate thesis project for Julia Arredondo in January of 2020. Julia is a creative entrepreneur with an expanding business portfolio that includes Vice Versa Press, Curandera Press and a personal art making practice.

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QTVC Live! is generously supported by:
Albert P. Weisman Foundation
Hyde Park Art Center Artist Run Chicago Grant
Thoma Foundation ENVISION Grant 

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