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Season 2 of QTVC Live! is in collaboration with moCa Cleveland. The first half of the season was recorded in Chicago, and the second half was recorded in Cleveland, Ohio.

Episode 3 Season 2:
Chad Kouri

The third episode of the new season features Chicago-based artist Chad Kouri. Chad discusses mixed cultural identity and new rituals through his series of Intention Chimes. Super limited edition, check out the episode for your chance to purchase!

Episode 5 Season 2:
S. Jordan Fine

Cleveland-based artist S. Jordan Fine of Pattern Play Glass showcases their original "Handle-It" vessels, hand-blown glassware for home and more. Only three vessels are available, price includes domestic shipping anywhere in the USA.

Episode 2 Season 2:

Depy Zepo

The second episode of Season 2 features Chicago ceramicist Despina Papadeas. Despina showcases an array of one-of-a-kind, hand-built ceramic vessels for your table-setting pleasure.

Episode 1 Season 2:
Aram Han 

The first episode of the new season features Chicago artist, activist, educator Aram Han Sifuentes. This is Aram's 2nd time as a QTVC Live! vendor this time debuting the Peaceful Protester tote bag.

Episode 4 Season 2:
Antwoine Washington

Cleveland-based artist Antwoine Washington debuts his latest edition, the 154 Years t-shirt. Commemorating 154 Years post-antebellum slavery, the 154 Years t-shirt is limited to 50 copies and is $40 which includes domestic shipping anywhere in the USA.

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