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Episode 17 Season 1:

LizMarie AKA Mota Mami

Episode 17 features Chicago-based cannabis advocate, LizMarie of Mota Mami. Mota Mami talked Illinois-specific cannabis laws while hyping her line of conscious cannabis goods including cannabis/rose toner, the Leaf Notes journal, custom tea blends and more. 

Episode 18 Season 1:
Vanessa Viruet

The final episode of QTVC Live! Season 1 features longtime friend and collaborator, artist Vanessa Viruet. Vanessa showcased her Hood Academic T-shirt line and talked about the implications of being Latina in academia. 


Episode 15 Season 1:
Worser Beings

Savannah-based comix artist and illustrator, Chris Escobar, joined us for Episode 15. Chris distributes his work under the brand Worser Beings and featured custom keycaps, t-shirts, patches and stickers. Episode 15 was lost and we're super bummed about it. 

Episode 16 Season 1:

EMI Topicals

Episode 16 featured Chicago-based infused wellness brand, EMI Topicals. EMI Topicals featured the Hibiscus Rose Face Mask, infused bath bombs and roll-ons of luscious scents and more. EMI Topicals requested that this episode remain a mystery and we stand by that.

Episode 13 Season 1:

School of Life Design

Jessica Mullen and Kelly Cree from School of Life Design joined us for our first remote broadcast once quarantine had been announced in the city of Chicago. Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Kelly and Jessica featured a wide selection of self-published zines and workbooks from the School of Life Design self help curriculum.

Episode 14 Season 1:

Death Project Manager

Episode 14 featured Catherine from Death Project Manager, a Durham-based entity that specializes in conversations about mortality. Catherine featured the Death Project Manager Toolkit, a digital workbook to prepare documents and personal information for one's death. Episode 14 is not available for viewing, please visit the link below to learn more.

Episode 11 Season 1:

Curandera Press

Episode 11 features Julia Arredondo of Curandera Press. Julia talks sexwork as business bootstrapping method and featured the Benevolent Benefactor Manifestation Candle.

Episode 12 Season 1:

Eboni Earth

Episode 12 featured one-woman wellness enterprise, Eboni Earth. Visiting all the way from Houston, Shalan Washington talked sustainable beauty products and seasonal self care while featuring the Coffee Caviar Scrub, the Morning Moringa Mask and more. Eboni Earth is now on hiatus but Shalan continues community care work.

Episode 9 Season 1:

Rebeca Soto

Episode 9 featured queer Chicago Chicana erotic illustrator, Rebeca Soto. Rebeca showcased a variety of original prints for the home alongside a few limited edition "Pleasure Packs". Rebeca talks representation in the erotic art industry, check out her work below.

Episode 10 Season 1:


Baby's first no-show! We had planned to sell a house on this episode, but our contact fell through. A blessing in disguise, we talked briefly about perpetuating gentrification in Chicago through the sale of real estate.

Episode 7 Season 1:

Mahal Healing Arts

Episode 7 featured certified self-love coach Kiam Marcelo Junio of Mahal Healing Arts. Kiam featured items from their product line including the Bloom Booty & Beauty Mist, the Summer Nights Aphrodisiac Oil and more. Kiam talked self-care, even for the parts of the body that stay hidden, while celebrating holistic wellness. 

Episode 8 Season 1:

Melissa Castro Almandina

On Episode 8 we welcomed poet and adult ballet dancer Melissa Castro Almandina. Melissa offered custom love poems and poetry hair barrettes as token of post-Valentine's Day devotion.

Episode 5 Season 1:

Aram Han Sifuentes

Our fifth episode featured artist/activist/educator, Aram Han Sifuentes. Aram showcased an array of goods from their collaborative publishing entity, Cute Rage Press. From Put It On Blast callout sticker sheets to the Log of Aggression Ledger for POC, Aram talks institutional accountability and everyday activism

Episode 6 Season 1:

b iturralde AKA soft barrio

For Episode 6 we invited artist b iturralde AKA soft barrio into the studio to complete a stick-and-poke tattoo live on the air. b talked limited-edition flash, evolving tattoo culture and prefaced their latest project, My Place Tattoo, an inclusive Pilsen-based tattoo studio.

Episode 3 Season 1:

BAM's Custom Handmade Piñatas

For our third episode we traveled to Corpus Christi, Texas to visit the BAM's Custom Handmade Piñatas headquarters. On this episode we featured a line of anti-Valentine's Day-themed mini piñatas handmade by the BAM's mother/daughter team. BAM's has since changed their name to Panchita's Custom Creations, check out their latest work below.

Episode 4 Season 1:

Pilsen Chica Botánica

On Episode 4 of QTVC Live! we welcomed Cristina Puzio into the studio, founder of Pilsen Chica Botánica and the Chicago-based Community Healing Mercado. Cristina showcased Self Care Spiritual Kits and talked contemporary and traditional healing practices including Curanderísmo and Reiki. 

Episode 1 Season 1:

Marimacha Monarca Press

Our very first episode featuring Chicago-based QTPOC publishing house, Marimacha Monarca Press. On this episode we featured the annual MMP Sexy Calendar which is now out of print! This episode features MMP members Estephany Guzman, Móni Pizano Luna & David Escobedo.

Episode 2 Season 1:
Zoulee's Goods

Our second episode featured Zoulee Fér of Zoulee's Goods health and lifestyle brand. Products featured on the show include the Dulce Jamaica Facial Toner, Rose Gold Hemp Face Butter & More. Zoulee talks wellness from the ground up and continues to make sustainable seasonal wellness products.


Season 1 of QTVC Live! was filmed in an extra bedroom in a Chicago apartment from January - May 2020. An iPhone and a GoPro were used to capture footage. Theatrical lighting equipment was donated by an anonymous donor.


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